Cuetec Fibreglass Black Cue 2 Piece 58"


Fibreglass Black Cue 2 Piece 58"

  • 2 piece cue
  • This cue is the genuine article manufactured with a “solid timber core”
  • Then encased in Fiberglass finish.
  • 10 mm tip, 58 inches long
  • Wood & Fibreglass
  • Brand Cuetec

The Cuetec® Cue permanently Power-Bonds, by a patented process,
either fiberglass or graphite to wood to make a cue that is far superior to
any production cue made today at prices that are much lower than
one would expect for a professional quality, professionally endorsed cue.
The graphite or fiberglass strengthens the cue giving you a stronger break.
The composite cladding also makes the cue extremely ding, dent, scratch,
and warp resistant.